Kasus Kematian akibat ‘Nasi Goreng’

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Memakan pasta atau nasi yang sudah basi ternyata dapat berbahaya bagi kesehatan, bahkan bisa membunuh. Makanan mengandung karbohidrat seperti nasi dan pasta yang sudah basi dapat menyebabkan munculnya bakteri yang disebut dengan Bacillus cereus. Penyakit keracunan makanan akibat infeksi Bacillus cereus ini disebut juga sebagai ‘sindrom nasi goreng’. “Habitat alami B. cereus diketahui sangat luas termasuk di tanah, hewan, serangga, debu dan tanaman,” kata Anukriti Mathur, peneliti bioteknologi di Australian Nation al University, kepada Science Alert. “Bakteri akan bereproduksi dengan memanfaatkan nutrisi dari produk makanan termasuk pada beras, produk susu, rempah-rempah, makanan kering dan sayuran.”

Berikut adalah beberapa contoh kasus kematian yang terjadi akibat ‘sindrom nasi goreng’ alias memakan karbohidrat yang sudah basi.

1. Kematian akibat salad pasta  

Laporan kasus di Journal of Clinical Microbiology mencatat pada tahun 2003 adan lima orang anak mengalami keracunan setelah memakan pasta yang dimasak empat hari sebelumnya. Pasta tersebut dimasak dan menjadi salad pasta pada hari Jumat dan kemudian dibawa piknik pada hari Sabtu. Setelah piknik, salad tersebut dimasukkan ke dalam kulkas dan dimakan pada hari Senin malam.

Malam itu juga, anak-anak yang memakan salad tersebut mulai muntah-muntah. Tragisnya, anak yang paling kecil meninggal dunia. Sementara anak-anak lainnya sempat mengalami kerusakan hati dan ada juga yang mengalami keracunan namun tidak terlalu parah sehingga bisa sembuh setelah diobati melalui infus.

2. Kematian akibat spageti

Selain pada 2005, kasus kematian lain juga terjadi pada 2008. Seorang mahasiswa di Belgia yang berusia 20 tahun meninggal dunia setelah memakan spageti dengan saus tomat yang sudah berumur lima hari. Ia memasak spageti itu lima hari sebelumnya dan meninggalkan spageti tersebut di dapur. Setelah ditinggalkan beberapa saat, ia kemudian memanaskan spageti tersebut kemudian memakannya. Setelah beberapa saat, ia kemudian mengalami diare, sakit perut, muntah-muntah, hingga akhirnya meninggal dunia 10 jam setelah memakan spageti tersebut.

three. Kerusakan hati karena makan spageti basi

Laporan di New England Journal of Medicine mencatat adanya peristiwa kematian seorang pria berusia 17 tahun setelah mengkonsumsi pasta basi. Pria itu memakan spageti dan saus pesto yang dimasak empat hari sebelumnya bersama ayahnya.

Keduanya kemudian mengalami gastroenteritis dan si anak kemudian mengalami gagal liver hingga akhirnya meninggal dunia. Hasil autopsi memastikan bahwa kematiannya disebabkan karena infeksi bakteri B. cereus. Jejak bakteri tersebut ditemukan di wadah yang digunakan untuk menghangatkan pasta basi.

four. Kematian akibat mi China

Kasus lain tercatat dalam laporan medis di Journal Forensic Science. Seorang anak berusia 11 tahun meninggal dunia 15 jam setelah memakan mi China yang sudah basi. Setelah memakan mi tersebut, ia menunjukkan tanda-tanda mengalami gastroenteritis dan degenerasi lemak pada jantung dan hatinya. Autopsi menunjukkan adanya Bacillus cereus di usus dan anak ini disebutkan meninggal dunia karena gagal jantung yang disebabkan oleh degenerasi lemak miokardium.


Feeling Insured

Frequently problems with decentralized generation’s long run social implications supply freshly differentiated pictures of in some way superior methodologies that may be radically rather than the existing day. Yet the decentralized recording of centrally controlled operations might simply as a substitute be a marked degradation to each and every the generation’s conceivable and developmental promise. Without an identical earlier structural change, the introduction of decentralized technologies into established industries wishing to fortify somewhat than make stronger supplier alternatives will have to give us all great purpose for concern.

In a factually based totally, widely known trade school anecdote a case of probably the most important first life insurance claims is ceaselessly repeated. Shortly after this type of protection transform available a life insurance protection holder did surely go away all through the applicability of his high-payout protection. When the family of the deceased attempted to say, the insurer wrote a brand spanking new definition of how their company calculated ‘300 and sixty 5 days’ so to [successfully] avoid settlement.

Spoken of as commendable industry ingenuity or defenseless profiteering would in all probability depend on whether or not or no longer it was once as soon as relayed in a technique or ethics lecture. However, with this tale in ideas we now turn to the introduction of blockchain technologies within the insurance industries:

“ORLANDO, Florida – Blockchain generation has a long run in body of workers repayment transactions since the generation has the possible to make stronger conversation and efficiency industrywide, a presenter knowledgeable attendees of the National Council for Compensation Insurance Inc.’s Annual Issues Symposium on Friday. Blockchain is a decentralized, peer-to-peer group that provides insurers and stakeholders a way of “producing, storing, managing and sharing data as a secure report of transactions,” mentioned Paul Meeusen, head of disbursed ledger generation and director of finance reinsurance at Swiss Re and CEO of B3i.

Blockchain consists of a disbursed ledger, consensus providing a “single fashion” of data, cryptography for secure and distinctive transactions, and smart contracts, which can also be auto-executed beneath predefined must haves, Mr. Meeusen mentioned. In a regular insurance software, there is also an inefficient waft of data from policyholder to insurer to reinsurer to capital market, he mentioned. Mr. Meeusen outlined how the generation works to create efficiencies somewhat than amassing and examining data in separate strategies.

“We are operating together, on the other hand we keep control of our data,” he mentioned.

For body of workers repayment, blockchain can allow stakeholders choices for sharing personal and medical wisdom, providing a secure place to store and get entry to data. The generation would moreover allow for verification of comp coverage across the blockchain platform, he mentioned. Blockchain moreover we could in for real-time messaging and confidential sharing of data across the industry, he added. “There is surely an efficiency section proper right here,” mentioned Mr. Meeusen.” May 19th 2018, Louise Esola on Business Insurance

The blockchain would in all probability surely offer transparent, decentralized and immutable recording of digital data entries. Possible extensions the usage of mechanically executable or complexly induced ‘smart contract’ events are also a lot of. This is without question. The prime quality of the content material subject matter despite the fact that is possibly something ceaselessly each overlooked or simply subsumed into the enjoyment of the generation.

To replicate provide methodologies by way of new method is also to forgo choices of enlargement. In other words, without reference to an insurance protection being held centrally by way of the issuing company or recorded by way of decentralized technologies, this says no longer anything else about its smart implementation. The similar issuing company formulated and enforces the words.

The caveats, clauses, loopholes and must haves of many insurance insurance insurance policies that restrict payouts to holders are too a lot of to file proper right here in detail. It is sufficient to say that for a lot of they form a recognizably authorized portion of the insurance process. To now immutably digitize the insurance company’s words and must haves with complexities that may not wholly be understood by way of the individual holders of such insurance insurance policies confers best benefits to the issuing company.

As somewhat than a personable exchange, clarification or justification in any lack of comprehension proper right here the holder’s digitally immutable and time-stamped agreement with this type of record is eternally locked. While the transparency of the forms themselves is also set, the comprehension and honoring of the protection remains largely one sided. The use of immutable data is best really useful equipped sufficient knowledge of the because of this or implications of the ones data exists. A convoluted and one sided protection remains merely that, whether or not or no longer on or off the blockchain.

The very presence and survival of the hugely profitable insurance giants will have to hint at the trade building. Ultimately, like a on line on line casino, the company’s calculations and metrics are superior to our working out of likelihood.

Like a round at the blackjack table a player’s chance at get advantages or their enjoyment inside the likelihood of participation itself outweighs what’s mainly a confident loss when measured on a sufficient time scale. The house always wins. This is why there is also the [well decorated and ornately furnished] house itself. Aside from investment strategies along with a multiplicity of financial movements, at its core insurance coverage exists as the house is betting that we, the protection holders, are flawed.

For any trade it is unsustainable to payout more than to procure. Therefore the variety in number of insurance has and continues to be available since the buying of the ones, over a longer enough time scale, earns the issuing company more than it costs for them when paying out.

This is not to marginalize a number of conceivable benefits, protections and protection equipped by way of insurance alternatives. As with automobile accidents for instance, in a worth receive advantages analysis one’s deference to professional centralized behemoths for solution would in all probability simply be prudent and well price such costs in particular in consideration of the other’s possible time must haves. It is simply to state that all over all insurance alternatives, the house [an insurance company] exists because it remains profitable.

When blockchain technologies are purported as a panacea for building and the future of industry, possibly we will have to all first step once more and question whether or not or no longer we truly understand the insurance insurance policies themselves faster than getting too fascinated about their immutable recording.

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